Terroir + Tradition in the Adirondack Foothills

Before grocery stores and factories when we were farming for our communities, our foods told the stories of their past.

Animals were raised on what was grown locally and their meat, milk, and eggs developed unique and rich flavors based on where and how they lived.

Since 2017, we've dedicated our labor to preserving this tradition of terroir on our farm and beyond. Through our foods and handcraft we hope to share these stories with you.


What's in season?

Fresh Free-Run Eggs

Our flock of primarily heritage and farm-bred birds roams the top of the ridge for their varied forage diet, supplemented by local grain and goat milk whey from the creamery.

What's in season?

Herbed Chévre Log

Made fresh each week, our chèvre logs develop a more complex character while slowly draining in the traditional cheese forms before they are rolled in dried Herbes de Provence. Dense, bright, and savory, our herbed chèvre log transports your cheese plate to a kitchen garden in Provence.

Online Classes


From goat raising and cheesemaking to evergreen wreath making, learn the skills you've been daydreaming about.